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An Open Introduction to the CCSD66 Community

The TEAM 66 Education Foundation was founded in 2014 with the mission to differentiate Center Cass School District 66 as an innovative leader in providing superior educational opportunities and support for all students. We promote creative funding, build relationships between parents, educators, and the community, as well as support the needs of the district.


We are funded by donations from individuals and local businesses, as well as several annual fundraising events, in order to achieve our goals. Our funding is distributed in the forms of annual grants from our Enrichment Fund that are requested though a formal application process by staff members of the district.  Each grant is given consideration with respect to our mission and the funds available for distribution during each cycle.  Some of the initiatives that we have supported in the past include:

  • Spartan Shark Tank

  • Ide Community Garden

  • Fun and Flexible Learning

  • Ride & Read in the Library

While the district is the beneficiary of our foundation, our leadership is independent of the district administration.  The scope of our mission is designed to supplement and enhance the dynamic and evolving needs of our students and staff.  While our foundation was created to provide grants from our Enrichment Fund for various opportunities and resources, it is not inclusive of our mission to replace the operational responsibilities of the district.  TEAM 66 does not provide employee compensation or support for the district's operating expenses through our Enrichment Fund.  

We welcome you to visit our site and learn more about the benefit that we provide to the district community that we serve.  We are grateful for the community's donations and participation in our foundation events that allow us to fulfill our mission to the students of Center Cass 66 school district.


If you have questions about the TEAM66 Education Foundation, please use the contact form below to connect with one of our foundation officers.


Thank you to all our community members for the support of the TEAM66 Education Foundation!


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We are grateful to our community for helping us achieve our goals.

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