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Enrichment Fund

Each spring, Center Cass 66 teachers submit grant proposals from the TEAM66 Enrichment Fund for various educational tools and experiences. TEAM 66 reviews the proposals and funds several grants each year. Here are some of the highlights from previous years.  

Shark Tank

In 2021, TEAM 66 funded the start-up costs for Spartan Shark Tank. Similar to the television show Shark Tank, Lakeview students work in teams to identify a problem to solve, create a product concept, pitch the idea, and iterate based on market learnings within the e-commerce selling experience. Throughout this process, Spartan Shark Tank fosters real-world problem-solving skills, exposure to CTE and career paths, entrepreneurial skills, perseverance and grit,
and public speaking skills.

Shark tank.jpg

Fun and Flexible Learning

In 2019, TEAM 66 funded flexible seating for 1st grade classrooms. Studies show that motion helps a wide range of learners. This seating allows students to "get their wiggles out" while learning!

Flex seating2.jpg

Community Garden

In 2020, TEAM 66 funded the first year of a community garden to enhance the current K-2 curriculum through a more hands-on approach. Students received practical, reality-based learning, by connecting lessons and activities to the natural world. They were also given opportunities for hands-on environmental learning, inquiry, observation, and experimentation.

Community Garden.png

Read and Ride in the Library

In 2018, TEAM 66 funded seated bicycles for the library. This allowed teachers to send students to the library to "ride" while they were independently working as an incentive or to aid in student focus. Additionally, students use the bikes during regularly scheduled checkout time in the library or on a sign-up basis during Flex/Recess time. 

bicycle desks.png
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