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Our Guiding Principles

TEAM 66 Education Foundation’s mission is to differentiate Center Cass School District 66 as a leader in providing superior educational opportunities and support for all students by promoting creative funding, building relationships between parents, educators and the community, and supporting the needs of the district.


Our goals include:

  • Enriching the learning environment by providing support for resources, programs and community building

  • Supporting additional training and resources for educators of Center Cass School District 66

  • Providing the tools to prepare students for future success

  • Inspiring parents and community members to participate with the school system to enrich education

  • Building a strong, welcoming community that supports our students, families and residents of our district

  • Providing leadership and support to each of our school’s individual PTO


As our priorities are the students, families and staff of Center Cass School District 66, we recognize the importance of working cooperatively with all of our beneficiaries to achieve common purposes. Our commitment to good stewardship ensures our ability to maximize the resources that are entrusted to us. In the spirit of respect and shared purpose, we promote volunteer opportunities that will support our goal for student success while providing a conduit of support from the business community and private sources to Center Cass School District 66, their teachers and students. 

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Team 66 Education Foundation Welcomes You!
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Our Team

Meet the TEAM 66 Education Foundation Board of Directors

TEAM 66 is led by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of officers from each of the three schools' PTO boards.  This ensures a continuity and commitment of resources to all of our beneficiaries.

President: Kim Pace

Secretary: Robin Suva

Treasurer:  Kathy Barkauskas

VP of Communications: Amy Vano

VP of Programs & Outreach: Jessie Gismondi

VP of Technology:  Jessica Sage

Elizabeth Ide Board President: Jessie Gismondi

Prairieview Board President: Sarah Rajki

Lakeview Board President: Kim Pace

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