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Commemorative Brick Program

TEAM 66 Education Foundation has installed a commemorative brick path from the sidewalk in front of Prairieview to the Center Cass 66 bell to give families the opportunity to create a remembrance of their positive experience in our school district. The bricks will be engraved with a family name or student name(s) and graduation year(s). The path was installed in September 2015 using approximately 400 total bricks (approximately 300 commemorative bricks and approximately 100 blank border bricks). The bricks are available in 4x8x2.25” for $150 or 8x8x2.25” for $250. Each year, we will replace blank bricks with any engraved bricks purchased during the year. Each brick can be custom engraved with 3 lines consisting of 13 characters per line. The 8x8x2.25” bricks will also have “TEAM 66 Sponsor” engraved on the brick.


TEAM 66 Jr. Sponsor - $150

4x4" commemorative brick displayed at Lakeview/Prairieview Campus 

TEAM 66 Sr. Sponsor - $250

8x4” commemorative brick displayed at Lakeview/Prairieview Campus

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